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Rosalinda Risso: San Antonio’s Newest Celebrity Reversed the Tables in China

Rosalinda Risso recently gave the Chinese people a taste of their own medicine.

While most products everyone in North American purchases read “Made in China” underneath the item, in China there is one product that states “Hecho En México” (Made in Mexico).

“That product is hundreds of DVDs produced by Proda Films,” Risso said during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives.

“In fact, our company was the first Latino Company to introduce Mexican movies in Hong Kong, where they took the most interest in those that featured masked wrestlers.

Latino Celebrity Deaths in 2009

No one wants to die. However, it is one of the certainties in life and no one, no matter how rich, famous and healthy they are, will escape death. Last year, fans mourned the passing of over fifteen Latino celebrities.

Of course Micheal Jackson, Fawah Fawett and other world famous luminaries got all the press, while Hispanic deaths went virtually unreported and in some cases without even an obituary or a mere mention.