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Internet Radio Personality Is On a Quest

“My quest is to revive Tejano music and bring Tejano entertainment to California, Mel Anthony Duran said during an interview at the Tejano Conjunto Festival.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because his on-the-air monniker is MadDawg.

“M.A.D. are my initials and I got ‘dawg’ because everyone says, ‘cómo eres perro en las tamboras.’

His admiration and respect for its artists is so deep that his analogy of Tejano musicians is that “they are ‘artists’ who sculpture something from out of nothing. You sign it and then people buy your work of art – being the music.”

Servando Ramos Sets New Mark for Tejano Music

Servando Ramos is well in the way to become Tejano music’s next major superstar.

Unless you’re familiar with Ramos, if you haven’t heard or seen this rising newcomer in action, be ready to be get your socks knocked off with his assertive “taca taca” accordion style.

“My accordion style is heavier and more up tempo with a little spark, a little more taca taca,” the 32-year-old singer-songwriter-musician said during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives office.

Shelly Lares Reigns Radio Airwaves and Concert Stages

Shelly Lares has grown up.

She is not longer the little 12-year-old singer with Hot Tamales this writer met in 1983 and had yet to record her first single with said band until 1986 before being signed to Colores followed by RP/Sony Records and Manny Guerra releasing her first long-play vinyl album in 1991.

To date, the two time Grammy Award nominee and business savvy songbird has been a restaurant owner, a radio personality, is now the owner of her own record label and as for her future, the sky’s the limit with the Divine guidance of God.

Open Letter to StreetTalk Magazine re: Joe Lopez

In response to your blurb on whether Joe López is innocent or guilty? I can no longer remain quiet and allow people to continue taking pot shots at the former lead singer of Mazz.

There is no doubt Joe López is innocent and the ‘Justice for Joe López’ organization has the proof.

Joe did not have to go to prison because he was initially offered four months in jail followed by probation. The result is that he fired his lawyers for even fathoming the thought of such a deal. Instead, López adamantly professed his innocence.

Mónica Yvette At Point of Death

Some people have died, come back to life and talked about their death.

In the case of Mónica Yvette, she entered that long tunnel when she almost lapsed into a coma.

“That’s why I minister that God is able and that there’s nothing impossible,” Yvette said during a telephone interview.

The exact date is not known but it was once prophesized that she would conceive twins and that the pregnancy would be a testimony to her ministry.

“When I was told this, I envisioned they (the twins) would become ministers and be known for spreading the Word, but that was not to be the case.”

Whatever Happened to David Marez?

Photo and story by Roberto Álvarez

This crooner has not disappeared, there’s just less airplay plus fewer and fewer Tejano music venues.

When David Marez sings, his smooth yet raspy voice glides effortlessly through each song as though his throat was naturally coated with honey. Lyrically, he dissects and hones each song to perfection.

His romantic vocal delivery is as flawless as Dyango, Emmanuel and Roberto Carlos. However international fame has eluded him because the quality of his voice is lost with cumbia and ranchera musical arrangements which mask and take away from his vocal prowess.

Al Reed’s Visit to SA Was a Flashback to the Past

Al Reed is among the last of the Mohicans when it comes to true Chicano rock’n’roll music legends.

This means the January 1958 Fox Tech High School graduate – born Albert Gonzales — preceded the Royal Jesters plus Little Joe and Sunny Ozuna, who with Isidro López are considered to be the “Founding Fathers of Tejano Music,” in recording his first single.

“My Padrino (Godfather) sparked my interest in music when he gave me a guitar and my first performance was when I sang Hank Williams’ ‘Jambalaya’ during a talent show at Ira Ogden Elementary School,” the 72-year-old vocalist said during an interview at Mi Tierra Café.

Flo-Rida was Flowing at AutoFest

By Jonathan Liles & Nathan Vargs

The Auto Fest at Cowboys Dance Hall Oct 19th, 2010 was packed with people of all ages. Over all River City Attractions enjoyed the car show but the peak of the event was when Flo Rida hit the stage and opened with “In the Ayer”. Flo Rida definitely worked the San Antonio crowd with a few of his Hit Songs such as, “Club Cant Handle Me” and “Elevator”. Flo Rida also performed “Turn around (5,4,3,2,1)” off the new album ONLY 1 FLO (PT.1) in stores & online November 30th! Click HERE to listen NOW!

Steve Jordan’s Memorial Service

By Roberto Álvarez

Steve’s body was cremated and a memorial service was held on Thursday, August 19.

According to Héctor Saldaña, Steve’s children: Steve II, Steve III, Richard, Anita and Mary Ann Jordan plus siblings Bonificio (Boni), Ramón and Guadalupe (Lupe) plus the Grammy Awards winner’s longtime companion Azeneth Domínguez left Steve’s house on South San Joaquin Street heading a parade of people that resembled a New Orleans funeral procession. They walked south to Castroville Road where they turned right and walked one block to Dahlgreen Avenue where they turned left and proceeded until they reached San Martínez de Porras Catholic Church.

Joe López Turns 60 in Prison

Joe López turns 60 on Saturday, August 28th. Bandmate Jimmy González also celebrates his sixth decade birthday on the same date.

After almost four years of imprisonment and since he lost his appeal before the 13th Court of Criminal Appeals, the former Mazz lead vocalist is still looking at a 2038 release.

Last year, he was finally allowed to talk and our interview took place at a facility south of Rosharon, Texas. This two-part interview can be read in its entirety at Part 1 is titled “Joe Lopez Breaks His Silence” and Part 2 is “Solitude, Forgiveness and Reflection.”