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Roxanne is Divine

Roxanne-CD2Roxanne is Divine

By Ramón Hernández

Roxanne hails from Devine. She is a fox and is delightfully divine.

The adjective is also fitting because this young songbird has truthfully and honestly been the recipient of lifesaving divine intervention, but more on that later.

For starters, Henry Balderrama of La Patria is her maternal cousin and his son, Rick, is her second cousin. Therefore, she was born into a musical family.

Cruising with Sunny


Cruising with Sunny

Story and photo by:  Ramón Hernández

Remember the mid-1970s when la palomia started cruising in downtown San Antonio in their lowriders and other vehicles with their speakers blaring out Sunny and the Sunglows/Sunliners hits being played from their “8 Track” & cassette decks. “Back then there wasn’t  ITunes,  mp3’s,  Cds”. With a cassette deck we created something that should have been called “MY TUNE”s !

The same was happening from El Paso to Odessa to Corpus Christi, only the name of main drag changed, but the music was the same – “Talk to Me,” “Put Me in Jail,” “Runaway,” “Smile Now, Cry Later,” and other great lowriding rolas.




A rocking fun loving -band. On a typical hot sticky night at SAM’S BURGER JOINT, It’s Skyrocket the band.

I had a super time listening to some awesome classic rock songs executed to perfection.

With a common love of the music of the seventy’s. Sky rocket dose a it right. The place was packed and the music as they would say back in the day was RIGHT ON. .

16-Year-Old Graduates From Texas A&M

Texas A&M Today

Texas A&M graduate Noel Jett, 16From Doogie Howser, M.D. to Sheldon Cooper, the idea of child prodigies attending college before they can get a driver’s license has often been fodder for sit-com humor. According to 16-year-old Noel Jett, who graduated this month from Texas A&M, although such situations are quirky, the profoundly gifted often struggle emotionally and she hopes to devote her professional life to helping them.Jett, a Fort Worth native, accepted her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the College of Liberal Arts’ commencement ceremony at Reed Arena on May 16.She says most of her professors and fellow students were unaware of her age, and those few in-the-know were supportive.

The Road To Early College

Martha Tijerina: The First Female Hispanic Anchor

RightColumnFrameMartha Tijerina: The First Female Hispanic Anchor

By: Ramón Hernández

Before Martha Tijerina there were no female reporters or anchors in Spanish-language television. Therefore this trailblazer went down in television broadcasting history as “The First Female Reporter and Anchor in Spanish-Language Television.”

Others have laid claim to this honor and shame on the writer that believed them. For example, in Barbara J. Love’s book, “Feminists who Changed America,” she cites Theresa Gutiérrez as “the first Hispanic woman to break into television journalism, then became host of a weekly television program in Chicago,” in 1978.

Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz not Phoenix

Kaila White, The Republic | 7:20 a.m. MST January 30, 2015

The Pastie Pops

The Pastie Pops

Pictures and story, joseph Martinez.

Last Saturday night I drop by “Up Town Studio” at 700 Fredericksburg Rd. to see local show “The Pastie Pops”. All involved in the show was just wonderful. The head liner was Missy Lisa, and featuring “Elle Du Jour”. There was a total of eight performers doing their own unique thing. Some, combining song with their acts Poetry and light hearted comedy

Creativity and Graceful moves went hand and hand all night long.

Adrian & the Sickness, Revisited

Adrian & the Sickness, Revisited

Adrian Conner and her band Adrian & the Sickness, were traveling into San Antonio to play at the “Tonic Bar” when she got tangle up in a small fender -bender.  Maybe a little bum out but, it sure didn’t show in the music she played that evening.

 Adrian & the Sickness “The Austin-based power trio Rocked all night long..

Last I saw Adrian it was about four years back. I thought to myself. “Does she still have it? “Absolutely ….  Hell,  Yaa.  No wimpy music here. Stronger, Louder and still hits that music nerve that hard rockers need. .

Beyond The Canvas

Beyond The Canvas

We from River City Attractions wish to Congratulations the winners!!

First Place went to Olesya Korsakoff  & Kyle Otto as Mr Freeze.

Second Place went to Jason Lozano & Neal Henderson as The Red Lantern Atrocitus

Third Place went to Jsn Art & Belinda Lopes as Female Robocop!!!

Night bird and The Damn Torpedoes

Night bird and The Damn Torpedoes

Next month Nov 8th at “Sam’s Burger Joint” Be there. It’s going to be a double header. Two of my favorite Texas bands together.

A couple of months ago I have an opportunity to check out Night bird. And,, O-Boy What a great time I had listening to them.

 Night bird – A Tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac

Speaking to my editor Eddie, What is the best way to let San Antonio know about Night Bird, He said Give them a shout out when they come back to San Antonio. What Better timing than when my other favorite Texas band comes on in to town