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Bret Michaels was in true form at Sea World

By Ally Gutierrez &nErika Garcia

Bret Michaels made a huge comeback at Sea World on Friday. He preformed some of his big hits from years past, such as “Talk to Me Dirty” and “Every Rose has its Thorn”, including “Sweet Home Alabama” from the late great , Lynyrd Skynyrd. He also paid tribute to our troops overseas by singing “Something to Believe In”. Bret had the place rocking, with his family along side him. Despite the health complications he had in April he was a true rocker that evening. He did not hesitate in expressing his thanks to the all the staff at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital for his emergency appendicitis back in April which resulted in canceling that performance. This was his make-up show and a show it was as we did get to talk to some of his devoted fans . Bret is looking forward to his “Life as I know it”reality debut on VH1 this month on the 18th and will include film footage of his visit here in the river city .

We first met Connie, Sally, and Christopher, who had been waiting for 4 hours just to get a good spot in the VIP section, which happened to be the same spot they were in when Bret came in April. They, ironically, waited 4 hours back in April as they received word that the show had to be cancelled due to his deteriorating health condition. Connie has been a true fan for 20 years and her favorite song is “Every Rose has it’s Thorn”.

Along with her 2 friends, we met Rhonda, in the VIP section. Their favorite songs are “Every Rose has it’s Thorn” and “Talk to Me Dirty”. Rhonda just became a fan of Bret’s this past year. She was laid off from her job, her DJ friend gave her some Bret Michaels’ music, and it helped her through that time. Her story showed us that music can truly have an effect on people’s lives.

Then we met Elizabeth with her 2 sons Christian and Matthew. Elizabeth has been a fan since she was 29 and her all-time favorite song is “Every Rose has it’s Thorn”. She says her sons have been practicing being Bret Michaels by wearing the red bandana and rocking out to his music.

Next, we met Yolanda, Mary, and Monica. Yolanda being a devoted fan herself got her 8 foster children to become fans as well. Mary who recently adopted 3 foster children was at the show to take pictures for her kids. Their stories truly touched our hearts. Monica traveled from Cotulla just to be there.

Finally, we met Helen and her Nephew, who were sitting in the front row. She informed us that her nephew just had to be there, that he wanted to come to the show, and could not find anybody who wanted to bring him. She decided to take it upon herself to bring him because she knew that would make him happy. Not only is he a fan but Helen has been a fan since Poison days, so it made her happy as well.

The concert was a huge success! We hope that Bret comes back again to San Antonio really soon! which pretty much summed it up from the sea of fans.