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Beyond The Canvas

Beyond The Canvas

We from River City Attractions wish to Congratulations the winners!!

First Place went to Olesya Korsakoff  & Kyle Otto as Mr Freeze.

Second Place went to Jason Lozano & Neal Henderson as The Red Lantern Atrocitus

Third Place went to Jsn Art & Belinda Lopes as Female Robocop!!!

All the competing artists and models in our opinion need to be congratulated as well.   Like going to an ice-cream parlor that has over 57Flavors what to choose… What to choose….Hummm.     It’s the same thing here at “BTC” 7th annual event. Everybody had their favorite. Seeing the models on the cat walk was wonderful and I enjoyed it immensely. One thing that caught me off guard was the time and effort the models and artists put in to get ready to compete.    It’s in the detail. Look at some of the pictures we put on line and you will see. From head to toe, it looks like a lot of work to me.   Shading is something I place close attention to. It gives depth where there is none. The overall effect was magical.

Before the competition began. It was all business. The paint was flowing. Still, everybody was polite. I ask a few questions on hair and wigs“How do you keep the paint from smearing  (use hair spray to set it)

It was a friends and family’s having a good time all around. Food trucks and venders selling their wares. A great San Antonio Night.

Anthony the poet” was at the mic introducing the models and the Artists. I got a kick how the models transform when all eye’s and lights are on them. At that point, the villains or super heroes came out. After the last model walked the stage. It was time for them to relax together in all there painted glory.

Just a reminder on Sunday the 26th it’s the ZOMBI WALK down town. BTC will be there with a booth.

I’ve been told it’s going to be BIG BIG BIG. Guinness book of world records is sending people to confirm if it is going to be the largest gathering of zombies.

Filming of the upcoming new movie called “ZOMBI REIGN” is schedule to be there as well. (A story and information on the Zombie Reign will be posted on this web site shortly)

Thank you having a great event here in San Antonio.

Story and Pictures by Joseph Martinez

River City Attractions ,

We want to send out a very special Thank you to Ariel Valdez,

Who look great as KAMEN RIDER GAIM and for giving us the heads up on the event.

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