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Asian Festival 2017





Asian Festival 2017

Walking in to the Texas culture building   I saw wonderful sights, see all of the beautiful dress and out fits of the Asian world.  Seeing my first dragon was exciting. Them weaving in and out was quite a sight to see.

 From Kung foo demonstrations,  to the many different dances from around the Asian world. I saw a dance with glasses of water on their head and hands. Not a drop spilled. Bamboo dance with its rhythmic clacking was so hypnotic.  The Spinning colorful clothing was such a delight to see.  I was moving from one stage to another. I trying to see it all the events going on. Walking pass all of the food booths I just had to pick up a treat for myself. A steaming bread ball fills with pork. My mouth was simply watering with delight, the freshly cook food aroma still lingers in my mind   as I write the article.

The sights and sounds of the festival bring excitement to our city. On a cold misty morning .It did not dampen this is a very family friendly event.  I even saw a panda bear. Well I thought it was a bear. Turns out it was a youngster with his mom and dad. Lol…

With the tensions that our nations and other faces. It’s important that gatherings like theses continue. Meeting and listening to others is so very much important.  To opening our eyes to different sights and cultures. We don’t always have to agree but It’s a step in the right direction for understanding.

It’s the best city in the USA, San Antonio; you just got to love it.

 See ya next year Asian Festival…

Story and pictures

By Joseph Martinez

River City Attractions