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Adrian & the Sickness, Revisited

Adrian & the Sickness, Revisited

Adrian Conner and her band Adrian & the Sickness, were traveling into San Antonio to play at the “Tonic Bar” when she got tangle up in a small fender -bender.  Maybe a little bum out but, it sure didn’t show in the music she played that evening.

 Adrian & the Sickness “The Austin-based power trio Rocked all night long..

Last I saw Adrian it was about four years back. I thought to myself. “Does she still have it? “Absolutely ….  Hell,  Yaa.  No wimpy music here. Stronger, Louder and still hits that music nerve that hard rockers need. .

The performance was simply Awesome.  That evening Adrian did some Cover metal songs from AC-DC.

Her band play ordinals like “We got it all” off her latest album.  One song played was, “Tit’s And Taint’s, what can I say about it. It’s different. You just need to listen to the song to get it.

Like before, all those years back. She still loves to get close to her audience and fans by coming down off the stage into the middle of them.  Feedings off their emotions, and why not, it’s all good fun for everyone there.

The original story about the Adria the sickness at


Young in heart I don’t see Adrian slowing down. In fact I think it is speeding up.

Her talent on the guitar is advance. One time I saw here play the song “Flight of the bumble bee”. That is one song that is difficult to master. But a can attest she does it and dose it easy.

2014 marks the release of Adrian’s 5th full length studio album.  Adrian is currently touring throughout 2014 to support” Be Your Own Saviour.” On the (Fantom Records label)

She is coming to town December 5th.  At the Tonic bar


Don’t miss them.

Last words… A rocker that, what can I say, really ROCK”S .

Story and pictures by, Joseph Martinez

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Thanks Adrian, Keep a ROCKING!! girl