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“Abbey Rode” A Beatles Tribute band

Abbey Rode” A Beatles Tribute band

Out of Houston Texas, Abbey Rode was given a warm San Antonio welcome at Sam’s Burger Joint. On Guitar and key board: Johnny Ono On Guitar: Marty Comeaux On Bass Guitar: Jay Bourgeois On Drums: Bill Thompson The set started off with a strong rendition of “Back to the USSR” As the band said “It’s good old rock and roll” and the Baby –Boomers, and the twenty something’s in the audience truly agreed. Song after song, the good time came in like a tidal waves. In honor of the upcoming 50th Beatle anniversary coming to America, they played “All my Loving”, It’s the first song the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show. “Abbey Rode” played the gambit of music from the early years to the later years. They covered Songs from Help, Revolver, Abbey Road, Sargent Pepper, albums and plenty more. Album’s…. you know those round 12″ black things that spin round and round made from vinyl. You guys who never had opportunity to listen to LP 33 1/3rd (LP= Long Play). You’ll be surprised how well it sounds, not to mention the enjoyment you’ll get reading the liner notes and discovering the art work from the past. Couples slow dancing, in embracing in each other arms. Others just were swaying, to and fro. It was a memorable evening for all. Abbey Rode… No Beatle wigs or costumes Just Great Music!! One thing I did notice… they have Beatle’s boots on. Cool…….. Rock on Guys!!

Story and pictures By Joseph Martinez River City Attractions

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