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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Scream Queen

Scream Queen 2017
It was mid-November, I found myself in “Wonderland Land of the America’s” indoor mall.
There were many venders to visit. Selling a wide variety of goods from comic books, trinkets and bats under glass, quite interesting to look at. It’s a bargain hunter’s delight.
One thing I must point out. I have been to many conventions and comic cons. Some of the same kinds of things I looked at were cheaper here. The price to attend was Zero. That’s the best deal of all! Wonderland mall have a wide range of events going on all year long just keep an eye out for them. https://
The Bedouin Belly Dancer was on hand entertaining a cheering small audience . Many of the dancers did several different styles of dances. All preformed with grace and dignity. If you would like to give it a try belly dancing; check out