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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Mother Ship, Tribute to led Zeppelin

Mother Ship,

A Tribute to led Zeppelin

True to the style of “Led Zeppelin” Mother Ship rocked all night. The set begins with that all too famous song “Kashmir” It was wall to wall waves of adoring fans attended at “Sam’s Burger Joint. Belting out lyrics was front and center is “Sean Finch” handling the lead vocals. As the melodic deep tones of the cello rumbled, Sean in his black leather pants and suede boots brought the Audience to frenzy. Besides the excellent tunes that played all night long. One observation I noted that the age range of was 20 something to 50 years young. Does this mean that classic rock will never die? Judging by what I see, most probably not. It will endure. One generation leads  to the next.