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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Youth and the Future Golden Gloves

Youth and the Future Golden Gloves

Story by Joseph Martinez & Yvonne Sandoval

At the San Fernando gym you find friends and family together striving to be better at the sport of “Amateur Boxing”

I met Jessie Rodriguez, father and boxing coach for his two sons Jessie 14 and Joshua 19.   Joshua  is ranked #2 Light Fly Weight National Champion.

I was also introduced to Chris Ramos father and coach to his three boys Joshua 13, Jason 17 and Cresencio 19.  Cresencio currently holds the #2 Lightweight National Championship.

The Damn Torpedoes; A Tribute to Tom Petty

The Damn Torpedoes;  A Tribute to Tom Petty

By Joseph Martinez

This Austin band does justice and honors the music of “Tom Petty”

Playing timeless classics “TY” kept it true to the original song style. The band played flawlessly.

I ask “TY”

Question: How long has the band been together?

Ty: 4 ½ years , the newest member Is James ,Our key board player. He’s been with us about 1 ½ years

Question: how often do you play in San Antonio .

TY: Not too often but, looking forward to perform at “Sam’s Burger Joint” more often.