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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Octahedron @ the Olmos Pharmacy


        The evening started with the young indie-alt band Octahedron

 Playing tunes with melodic under tones.

Newly formed, in the of the summer of 2013 .These guys are the music of tomorrow. With a little more seasoning under their belt and a few more gigs they will be a force to be reckoned with.

They play all original songs.  Octahedron” Walk their own path.

The members of the band do have one thing in common. They say..

“Making music to make life better”

This hold true because some of their music sales from go to

The Tejano Legends cruises into Caribbean Sea

Photos by Ramón Hernández

Tejanos rocked the boat during last month’s successful Tejano Legends Cruise.

Well, it was actually a ship, the Carnival Triumph, where fans stood in buffet lines with their favorite stars, sat next to them in the dining room, walked the decks, drank with them in the bars and gambled alongside of them in the casino for five days.


As cruise event ticket holders embarked, they were greeted by CEO/Grammy award winning William “Wild Bill” Perkins and his girlfriend, María Soto, COO Jonny Martínez and his wife Diana, plus CFO Al Duarte and his wife Susie as they handed out VIP badges, a tote bag full of goodies and the schedule of events.