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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Patricia Vonne ,Rattle My Cage

Patricia Vonne  Rattle My Cage

At Sam’s Burger joint  I caught the sultry Patricia  Vonne, her voice was clear and crisp that did not disappoint but impressed.

To label her style of music would be an injustice, but I will give it try. It was a little bit of rock and a flavor of Flamenco .

Her first tune had the heavy over tones of a Robert Rodriguez film and why not, it’s her brother. It’s apparent that talent does not fall far from the tree.

Luis Villa is keeping the Romantic Trios Music Flame Alive

LuisVilla-Purple-Red-Coats-ReducedDPIPhotos by Ramón Hernández

Luis Enrique Villaseñor is insuring that the romantic trío music genre does not die with a new compact disc that will reawaken its popularity.

He’s only 48, but as hard as it may seem to believe, the tenor, who is also known as “La Ultima Voz de Los Gran Tríos,” is the last living singer to have sung lead vocals with not only one, but three of the world’s most famous exponents of la música romantic – Los Galantes, Los Tres Ases, Los Tres Reyes and be indirectly tied to Los Panchos. Consequently, he is a historical figure.

Craving Amy …A San Antonio Rock Band

Craving Amy …A San Antonio Rock Band

The three piece band “CRAVING AMY” was rocking on a warm summer night at speedway sports bar on Grissom Rd, a local watering hole.

Pumping out the classics, from The Doors to Eric Clapton and Even some Eddie Van-Halen tunes.

When I Ask the Lee Black Moon, The guitar /lead singer, are you a tribute band?

We play what the audience likes.”

And your Preference in music?

“I’m more of a Blues Guy”.