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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Faith and Offering Saved and Restored the Páiz Family


Photos by Ramón Hernández

La Nueva Familia Páiz is truly a new family all thanks to the strong faith possessed by the mother/grandmother of today’s new family.

“My mother (Martha) was always a Christian, but my father (Natividad Sr.) liked women. For twenty years she suffered mental and physical abuse. So as kids, we grew up seeing both sides as we saw our mother holding on to her faith and when we were bad, she used my father (Natividad Páiz Sr.) as an excuse for our misbehavior,” Ruth Páiz revealed during an interview at West Campus Baptist Church.

Serapio Herrera is Back!!!


Remember Los Sonics, who were the rage from 1965 to the mid 1980’s?

Well, their lead vocalist, Serapio Herrera is back and the group has since evolved into Cincuenta Veinte. However Serapio’s musical history dates back to his childhood when as a tot he loved to sit and listen to the 45 rpm records that his older sibling would bring home following a dance.

at one of the venues owned by their big sister Víctoria “Vicky” and her husband Juan Rangel.

“They owned the Schumannsville Dancehall, the Wagon Wheel in Solms and the Fiesta Ballroom, the largest venue in New Braunfels,” Serapio during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives.

America’s Got Talent SA Auditions



Photos by Ramón Hernández

“America’s Got Talent” producers descended on the Alamo City to hold auditions for their upcoming season and Anna Sánchez was among those who stood out in a sea of thousands trying out.

While many aspiring contestants made the trek from New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma, while driving down from Corinth, Texas seemed to be a much shorter drive for Anna, her husband Miguel Sánchez and their friends, Jennifer and Mike Parker.