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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Ronnie Tee Is a Chip off the Ole Block

RonnieT-RudyTee-ReducedRonnyTeeJumps-RedBackground-Reduced-Captioned Photos by Ramón Hernández

Tee N Tee translates to dynamite, but where can you get two Tee’s for the price of one??

Rudy Tee of the Reno Bops and his son Ronny Tee will be performing at the St. Pius X Catholic Church, 3909 Harry Wurzbach Rd, on Saturday, February 9 for their Annual Valentine Dance.

Ronny will be opening the show for his legendary, famous father and for those that have never seen Ronny in action they are in for a surprise. Both father and son dance, but Ronny’s dance steps are more up to date; and most of his Spanish-language pop, hip hop, reggaeton, cumbia repertoire consists of original tunes penned by him and Jeff Reynolds.

Mexican Stepgrandfather’s Secret Identity Revealed

MarcoCervantes-2 Photo by Ramón Hernández

Mexican Stepgrandfather and Marco Antonio Cervantes, Ph.D. are a study in contrasts since they are one and the same. But what each does is different and worlds apart.

Simply known by the shorter version, Mex Step was selected “Best Hip Hop Artist” during the 2009-2010 San Antonio Current Music Awards poll by popular vote. In the same contest, his compact disc, “Stand for Something 2012” on the Hip Hop Grew Up label, came in as the “Number 2 Album of the Year” of all combined music genres.

Carlos Miranda is A Walking Miracle


Photos by Ramón Hernández/Hispanic Entertainment Archives

Don’t listen to any of the rumors and don’t give up on Carlos Miranda because El Minero de Nueva Rosita is a fighter.

Todavia tengo el gusanito de cantar” (“I still have the bug to sing”), the singer-songwriter said during an interview at the Trisun Care Center on Lakeside Parkway.

Miranda was born on October 11, 1939 in a ranch in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico. However, his parents did not register him at the court house until March 11, 1940. This is the reason some bios state one birthday and others his real date of birth. So he is 72 or 73 depending on which birth certificate you cite.

Rick Orozco: I’m an American of Mexican Descent and “This is My Country”




Photos by Ramón Hernández

“This is My Country” is a film documentary based on the obstacles that country singer Rick Orozco faced when he moved to Nashville in order to break into the American market.

“I grew up listening to George Strait and after seeing a George Jones and Tammy Wynette television special, I felt the calling to become a country and western artist,” Rick Orozco said.

“I was already singing country at six to seven years old and when I put Young Country, a country band, together when I was a sophomore at Clark High School. So I was singing professionally, for money on weekends through my high school years.

Grupo Ondo is the Third Generation of Los Aguilares

Grupo Ondo

The legendary Los Aguilares have produced so many musicians that perhaps they should re-name themselves Los Conejos Musicales, the musical bunnies.

“Before we trace their bloodline to the third generation, let it be known that Maldad was the second generation of Los Aguilares because of my little brother Santos,” said Miguel Ángel Aguilar Sr.

Santos, drums; and J.R. Ramos, accordion; were 14 and 16, respectively, when they started playing with Los Aguilares. However, they were five and six when they mastered the musical instruments they now play.

The Permanence of the Seminal Los Aguilares

LosAguilares1946-BW-CaptionedLosAguilares1963-BW-Captioned2001-LosAguilares-CaptionedPhotos by Ramón Hernández / Hispanic Entertainment Archives

Few conjuntos can top the longevity of Los Aguilares who have endured the test of time and then more.

Their parents, Santos and Dolores Aguilar, were both musically inclined.  Their father played guitar, however, it was their maternal great uncles that influenced Frank, Emilio and Genaro Aguilar into becoming musicians.

“Our mother, an Elgin, Texas-native, was Galvan on her father’s side and Hernandez on her mother’s side.  Her uncles were Fernando and Armando Hernandez who together formed Conjunto Imperial, also known as Los Hermanos Hernandez.