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Monthly Archives: October 2012

ON STAGE with……. Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández

ON STAGE with……Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández

 by: Yvonne Hernández Sandoval

 Photo’s by: Ramon Hernández

            Entertaining San Antonio audiences for the twelfth time Ballet Folkólrico de México de Amalia Hernández graced us with another unforgettable performance this past weekend.  Thanks to ARTS  San Antonio for bringing back the dynamic choreography,  vibrant costumes and a cast of 65-70 dancers whose artistic and physical excellence wow the audience from the Matachines opening scene to the gaiety of the Jalisco finale.  Accompanying the dancers on stage are 15 musicians and a Mariachi band that are part of the world famous and highly lauded Ballet Folklórico group.

Vic Love, the Chicano Doo Wop Survivor

Close your eyes and Vic Love will work his magic and get you lost in the 1950’s when radio played “In the Still of the Night” and many other of yesterday’s oldies.

The difference is that Vic started singing those tunes when they were the Top Ten hits of the day.

Vic, who was born Francisco Víctor Gutiérrez, in Rosenburg, Texas grew up in San Antonio where his mother, Guadalupe, would take him to see Pedro Infante, Miguel Aceves Mejia, El Piporro and countless other Mexican singer-actors perform at the Nacional or Alameda movie theaters.

Benny Harp Blows People Away

You haven’t been blown away until you’ve listened to Benny Harp play harmonica and sing.

If a harmonica company would manufacture an instrument that could make anyone sound as good as Harp, it would have to be called a harpmonica.

“My grandfather, Tomas Alvarado Sr., played piano and accordion. My father, Tomas Alvarado Jr. used to fool around with a bajo sexto; and my uncle Robert Alvarado played accordion in the 1950s, so conjunto music was in my blood, but not in my calling,” Harp said during an interview at Barriba Cantina.

Whatever Happened to Sunny (Youngs)?

Published October 7, 2012 | By Ramón Hernández

Remember the late 1980s and early ‘90s when Tejano music was so popular that Black and White female vocalists such as such as Ruth, Jean Le Grand and Sunny started to record this genre.

Le Grand is now on national television and we have unable to locate Ruth. However, Sunny is back in San Antonio as Laura Youngs and last month the Houston-born Air Force brat came to the Hispanic Entertainment Archives to give us her story.

Poetry Reading @ Barnes & Noble

Poetry Reading @Barns & Noble

Story and photos by joseph Martinez

    Every Tuesday at 7:00 Pm, Barns& Noble book store across from north star mall .  There is a collection of local talented group of poets reciting well thought out poetry.

Heading this group is the “Sun Poet Society” Rod C Stryker. With his Mac Book in tow, Rod spoke of a    person named “Ted Baines”.  Now if you repeat something long enough. Some people will tend to believe and in this case it dose apply.  Ted, of course is not of this world but in the wonderful mine of              Mr. Stryker

Washington, D.C. in 51 Photo Montage

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photo montage of 51 images taken by photojournalist Ramón Hernández on this page should serve as a 51,000 word article.

These photos, which are presented in chronological order, are a documentation of circa 50 supporters who endured a 36-hour trip (each way) to participate in the aforementioned press conference.

First on the agenda was a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol Building where all the aforementioned congressmen and women orated. Other speakers included Víctor Gutiérrez, from New York; Chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party, Manuel Medina; advocate Jaimé Rios, Professor Joseph M. Fonseca Jr. plus Dreamers Yessica and Stephanie Vázquez.