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Monthly Archives: January 2012

In the Works

On a cool San Antonio night, on a whim I showed up at “The Cove” That Thursday evening I stumble on a relatively new band. “In the Works”

The five members put on a nice show. Singing with a big smile Austin Yount held the audience attention all night long. It was evident that Passion was in abundance with these guys and talent was flowing from them.

There style of music? Alternative rock, soft rock , original songs and some smooth jazz. Jazz music was something I was not expecting to hear. Songs like “Mississippi River” followed by an Eagle’s tune “Desperado” even a song from “Cold Play” made the night enjoyable

Whatever Happened to Óscar Martínez?

Óscar “El Gallo Copeton” Martínez is a singer, musician, songwriter, painter and author whose love for music dates back to 1940 when wanted to play a musical instrument so bad that he would pretend to play drums by beating a galvanized bucket, “una tina,” as he says, with a stick.

As a songwriter, Martínez is best known for composing “El Tejano Enamorado,” a tune that has been recorded by Isidro López, Little Joe, Sunny Ozuna, Jimmy Edward, Joe Bravo, Rudy Tee González of the Reno Bops, Gilbert Rodríguez and the Blue Notes, Carlos Guzmán, Snowball, Ram Herrera, Ramón Ayala, Jay Pérez plus at least two dozen other bands and vocalists.

Rosalinda Risso’s Songs Are Understood Across the Universe

Valentine’s Day is knocking on our door and it is the perfect time to take a mini course in Love 101 and to give your sweetheart a night to remember, one that will be music in her ears. Therefore, consider the following.

Rosalinda Risso has the ability to sing and be understood in any language known to man, or woman, on planet Earth.

That’s because “music is the universal language of love” and therefore bridges any cultural divide. There’s also scientific evidence to back this up, but enough on research and studies.

Latin Actors, Singers, Musicians and Promoters Who Passed On in 2011

Axel Martínez, Puerto Rican composer and lead singer with La Orquesta de Pedro (Gonga) López passed on January 30.

Ezequiel “Zeke” R. Saucedo, who with Sam De León convinced Emilio Guerrero to form Charro band, died in Corpus Christi on January 30 at the age of 57.

Danny Yanez, who many musicians referred to as “an accordionist’s accordionist” because of his progressive style, passed on Febuary 4, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Eddie Galván, a longtime Miller High School band leader, former Corpus Christi Port Authority commissioner, and a founding member of the Texas Jazz Festival, went to be with our Lord on February 15, sixty-one years and two days after the grand opening of the Galván Ballroom. He was 83.

Luis Manuel is Determined to Succeed

Luis Manuel experienced the sadness of losing his father less than seven months ago, add to that, losing his best friend, mentor and role model all rolled into one.

“Image being eleven years old and spending Thanksgiving and Christmas without your dad,” internet radio station owner Margo Morones said. “This is what little Luis Manuel Longoria is going through right now. However, he vowed to continue his mariachi singing in honor of his dad and we (Morones and Jorge Flores) are going to underwrite his first compact disc.”

Whatever happened to Ralph Galván?

Ralph Galván Jr. is among the few remaining band leaders of the many orchestras that thrived in Corpus Christi during the 1940s, ‘50s, through the 60s and into the ‘70s.

With the exception of Óscar Martínez from the Sparkling City by the Sea, Óscar Ramos, Juan Colorado, Balde Gonzalez, Johnny Herrera, Isidro López, Beto Vásquez; and Ralph’s brothers Sammy and Eddie Galván all passed on.

The Galván family’s musical dynasty began in the early 1930s when Rafael Galván Sr. hired music teacher Bernabe Alvarado, to pick up his children at George Evans Elementary School, walk them home and give them three hours of music lessons which started with the music diction method of solfeo in which one sings the music notes.

El Jarro De Arturo

Story And Photos by Joseph Martinez

Off the corner of 281N and Bitters Rd. In what you call a normal type of shopping center there is a gem of a secret. A House band call “Second Nature” playing at a wonderful Mexican restaurant ; El Jarro De Arturo. With many-many years experience .Each of the musicians and singers are pros. definitely, Not a band that just formed yesterday out of a garage.