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Monthly Archives: November 2011

J.R. Martinez & Karina win Dancing with the Stars

Congrats go out to J.R. Martinez and Karina , just when we all thought the fix was in after the results showed Rikki Lake came in third ” I thought I was gonna die” However , the best finally won. Then after getting ready to write something about his victory I could not find anything on the net or on the news! Had that other (2nd place person had won, I feel the media would be shoving it down our throats for a week. So I write this in honor of J.R. and his military service and for all in our military. And for those of you who are not to familiar with J.R. here is a little bio on him I found on Dancing with the stars website from ABC. His real name is Jose Rene..DOB June 14,1984.What is not included below is that he is not married. Has a girlfriend “Diana Jones” who is an executive assistant for ABCs hit sop opera “All My Children” He was in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell in Kentucky when he was deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is originally from Shreveport, LA via El Salvador where his mothers family is from. I salute you J.R. for giving all of us with a handicapp, the inspiration and motivation to keep pushing forward in life and work. You are an example of making all the hard work and re-hab well worth it………………

Artie V Rises to New Heights

Artie V is unique in that he is incorporating his rap, funk and hip hop music background plus a touch of norteño into standard Tejano tunes.

His grandfather is Nick Villarreal Sr., his father, Arturo Villarreal, is Nick Villarreal Junior’s brother. Therefore, Artie’s uncle is Nick “Nicky Snic” Villarreal III and his roots are in conjunto music.

On his mother’s (Mary Ramírez) side, one of his cousins is Luis Martínez, a Stockton, California based singer/musician that is more into boleros and romantic trios.

Rudy Padilla Stays Loyal to his Conjunto Roots

Rudy Padilla joined Conjunto Padilla 56 years ago, he never quit and now it’s his.

The fact that his father, Eluterio Padilla, plus two of his uncles played guitar and were known as Trio Padilla, is the reason Rudy chose to learn the same instrument.

“They were my introduction and first influence,” Padilla said during an interview at Padilla’s Ice House, his own outlet and venue for conjunto music.

“My father bought me my first guitar because it was something I liked and wanted. Then he taught me all the chords and most important, how to tune the strings and the importance of playing in tune.”