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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Internet Radio Personality Is On a Quest

“My quest is to revive Tejano music and bring Tejano entertainment to California, Mel Anthony Duran said during an interview at the Tejano Conjunto Festival.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because his on-the-air monniker is MadDawg.

“M.A.D. are my initials and I got ‘dawg’ because everyone says, ‘cómo eres perro en las tamboras.’

His admiration and respect for its artists is so deep that his analogy of Tejano musicians is that “they are ‘artists’ who sculpture something from out of nothing. You sign it and then people buy your work of art – being the music.”

Sunny Sauceda is a Musical Chameleon

Sunny Sauceda’s most recent compact is a reflection of his past, the present and a glimpse into his future musical direction.

He kicks off this musical production with “Si Quieres,” a tune that immediately hooks the listener and invokes a strong desire to dance. In short, this ranchera is sheering listening pleasure for the ears and a joy for any pair of dancing feet.

However his bass player, Pete “Tiny” Gutierrez’s initial idea was for this song to feature Sauceda’s vocal prowess.

Sam’s Burger Joint “Song Writers Show Case”

Story and Photos by: Joseph Martinez

Every Tuesday evening, at about 8:00 pm. The NEW owners of “Sam’s Burger Joint”, Keith and Rebecca Rehowerton Presents: “Song Writers Show Case”

The concept is simple. Each month you invite a new host, and the host invites guests to share the stage with. Together they Share stories, music and sometimes a joke or two.

The host tonight is Rodney Hayden. His guest is Adam Carrol

Servando Ramos Sets New Mark for Tejano Music

Servando Ramos is well in the way to become Tejano music’s next major superstar.

Unless you’re familiar with Ramos, if you haven’t heard or seen this rising newcomer in action, be ready to be get your socks knocked off with his assertive “taca taca” accordion style.

“My accordion style is heavier and more up tempo with a little spark, a little more taca taca,” the 32-year-old singer-songwriter-musician said during an interview at the Hispanic Entertainment Archives office.